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Design your piece of furniture - whether it's a chest of drawers, sideboard, display cabinet, sideboard, bookcase or wardrobe, anything is possible! Let your creativity run wild and put your trust in us.

Our cabinet calculator helps you to see immediately and in advance at what price we can make your desired piece of furniture for you. The price changes when you change the parameters.

Define your desired carcass. You can then decide how you would like to utilize it. You can choose from a carcass layout, drawers at different heights, doors or open shelves.

Finally, select the base frame or plinth. Incidentally, you can also order the carcass for wall mounting. Now select the desired type of wood and you have the piece of furniture you want.

It's that simple!

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You can upload drawings, sketches, or photos here to help us design your dream furniture. Thank you!

1. Carcass external dimensions (cm)

Please specify the outer dimensions of the carcass in centimeters. Only the size of the carcass, without the height of the footstand! Please consider that we use a raster of 5 cm for the width and height! The depths have fixed dimensions of 40, 50, and 60 cm.

2. Vertical divisions

Please specify all vertical divisions of the carcase!

Continuous (center side at carcass height)
Different height

3. Horizontal division / shelves

Please specify the size and quantity of all horizontal dividers! Whether it is a fixed or an adjustable shelf.

Continuous (shelf in cabinet width)
Different width

4. The surface of the furniture front

The total area of the front: doors + drawer fronts. Please do not count gaps and the thickness of the carcass! (In most cases, it's the sizes of carcass width × carcass height)


4.1. Open area

In case the furniture includes open shelves next to doors and drawers, the dimensions of the open shelves are subtracted from the surface area:

5. Drawers

Please specify the width and height of the drawer fronts individually. (Price includes the drawer carcass in solid beech and the BLUM full-extension drawers).

6. Feet or base frame

Select your favorite foot solution

7. Type of wood

Select a type of wood!

Required fields are marked with *

Total amount (RRP)

Price based on the given parameters.

120 EUR