Like fire and fireplaces, tables have a deep, symbolic meaning throughout cultures and history. Their almost ritualistic essence is a source of inspiration for us to create solid wood tables at the highest quality of craftsmanship and design.

Tables come in all shapes, sizes and functions.

They can be the place for creativity, productive work, and learning. They can accommodate beautiful everyday rituals or the lavish joy of family feasts. If we invite someone to sit at our table, we let them into our closest personal space; we share our food or drink and "world-changing" ideas with them. Tables are also a medium for business meetings, new connections, and even success.

The act of sitting down to our desk creates the aura for productivity, switching us into a "doing" mindset. It doesn't even matter if it's the simplest of desks or the most high-tech ones, it simply kicks off the work. Whether alone, with family, friends or soon-to-be-familiar strangers, the table can be a connecting link, even across space and time.

At sixay, we understand these beautiful symbolics and are eager to create our own version of the perfect solid wood tables.