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Sleep enhances beauty, but beauty (and comfort) also makes dreams sweeter. With our pleasantly solid, consciously designed bed frames beauty and harmony are already present when we hit the hay.

A peaceful night of rest is crucial for our health and overall well-being. At sixay we know this all too well, that is why we create our solid wood bedframes with meticulously designed details.

They are not only chic designer pieces but a sanctuary for relaxation and sleeping. All of our beds are born from the natural unity of shape, use of materials, and soulful craftsmanship. The sixay beds are exceptionally stable and sturdy, resistant to warping and deformation, and completely silent, without any creaking noises.

We believe that a bed should adapt to your body and not the other way around, so all our models can be ordered in custom sizes, with extra length, reinforcement, and even as a family bed. Our raised, comfort versions help you get out of bed more easily.

We don't just give our customers freedom of choice when it comes to sizes. We manufacture our beds from various kinds of solid wood, even without using any metal bonding. In our collections, you can find beds with upholstered headrests for added comfort and coziness.

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you realize your dream bed!
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