In 1982, Balthasar Hüsler spent a lot of time thinking about the essential meaning of good sleep and designed the first Hüsler Nest bed. His back pain kept him awake many nights. No bed in the world seemed able to help him. This led him to ponder basic questions. What is healthy sleep? How does one lie properly? When do we really feel rested and comfortable? My father was convinced that the answer to these questions had something to do with harmony. Harmony is the successful interaction of several parts to form a whole.

Based on these insights, more than 40 years ago he designed and made the first Hüsler Nest bed – and it proved a success. The bed became his source of personal strength, and Hüsler Nest’s story of success had its start. Thousands of people now sleep in beds made by Hüsler Nest.

Today the firm is managed by Adrian Hüsler, representing the second generation. He has remained loyal to the convictions of his father. The solution lies in harmony between human beings and nature.