A rug is not simply a furnishing accessory: it is a piece of cultural history that has been handed down from generation to generation, enriched with know-how, skills and sophisticated techniques. The shape of the rugs defines physical and spiritual dimensions. The rug-knotting tells an age-old story that is projected to contemporary living, adding beauty and an exclusive touch to the private universe of the owner.

Since the early 70s, Mohebban has been producing superior quality rugs; however, the company has never lost sight of these core values and the meaning of this ancient art form deeply rooted in history. The company’s journey began in Iran, the family’s homeland. The company headquarters was founded more than half a century ago in Milan; it has strong ties to Turkey, India and Pakistan where the rug production now takes place.

Three generations of the family have shared the same international vision; a vision that embraces tradition, with attention to detail, age-old gestures, procedures projected to contemporary living, always focussing on the designs and the challenges of the present day with its continuously evolving dynamics.

The contrast between a thousand-year technique and contemporary designs and patterns gives every Mohebban rug unique aesthetics and deep symbolic meaning. The intrinsic value of each rug is never distanced from the story behind its production. The journey begins with the selection and training of the very best artisan rug-makers and continues with the use of superior quality of the materials (wool, silk or plant fibers), the yarns, the dyeing and the hand-knotted rug weaving to reach the final phases of cutting, trimming, washing and drying. Each rug produced in this way is unique, with a personality and history that is different to all others.

With often more than 200,000 knots in every square meter of weave, an obsessive attention to the quality and constant dialogue between tradition, innovation and contemporary design, Mohebban rugs harmoniously knot the threads of the past with those of the present and the future, in perfect balance loaded with intrinsic value.
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